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Calcium Carbonate a Versatile Filler in the Plastics Industry
Calcium Carbonate a Versatile Filler in the Plastics Industry

How many of us know the incredible role of Calcium Carbonate as filler in the plastics industry? Calcium Carbonate is one of the finest plastic fillers to enhance functionality and affordability. Generally, fillers are added to the plastics to boost their strength and lower production costs.

Calcium Carbonate is the most trustworthy filler because it enhances the plastics' mechanical characteristics, dimensional stability, and affordability. Furthermore, Calcium Carbonate enhances the strength of the plastics in an eco-friendlier way. Are you looking for ways to use Calcium Carbonate in your plastic products? Then you are in the right place!

Today more businesses are using Calcium Carbonate and, more significantly, the plastic industry. Keep reading to know more about the significance of Calcium Carbonate in the plastic industry. Further, learn more about the advantages and applications of Calcium Carbonate to best suit your business needs.

Calcium Carbonate: All About to Know

Calcium Carbonate is the most popular filler, widely available and inexpensive. It is insoluble in water and available in many different forms. Due to its versatile nature, it is easy to modify according to the changing needs of the business. Moreover, it is possible to change the mechanical strength and surface finish of the filler based on the requirements of plastic applications.

Are you in search of enhancing the mechanical properties of plastics? Then the tiny and homogeneous structure of PPC is an excellent choice. In addition, the ground Calcium Carbonate offers greater leeway in controlling the filler content and, thus, the characteristics of the plastic goods.

Featured Benefits of Calcium Carbonate as a Filler

Calcium Carbonate is undoubtedly a magic ingredient for boosting the mechanical qualities of plastic products. Furthermore, there are numerous advantages of using Calcium Carbonate as a filler in the plastic industry. Let's look at some of the critical benefits of Calcium Carbonate:

Strengthened mechanical qualities:

If you want to maximise the durability and resistance deformation, look no further than Calcium Carbonate. One of the most efficient methods to improve polymers' tensile and flexural strength is by incorporating the right amount of Calcium Carbonate. You can rest assured that cracks or breaks are free when subjected to force, and ensure plastic stiffness by adding Calcium Carbonate.

Dimensional stability:

Do you want more excellent dimensional stability and precision? Use Calcium Carbonate to lower the shrinkage that occurs when hardening the polymers. Adding Calcium Carbonate has been proven to enhance the product's warp resistance, which helps retain the original shape more effectively. Moreover, it also offers more integrity to plastic products.

Withstanding high temperatures:

Want to make your plastic products last longer in high temperatures? Take advantage of Calcium Carbonate to lessen the likelihood of distortion or degradation when subjected to higher temperatures. Moreover, Calcium Carbonate helps plastic products to resist high temperatures by enhancing their heat deflection temperatures.

Highly affordable:

There is no denying that Calcium Carbonate is one of the cheapest fillers compared to other alternatives. It is highly available and enhances the plastics' density at a cost-effective price. Recently, most businesses have chosen Calcium Carbonate as the filler in the plastic industry due to its extraordinary properties at affordable pricing.


Are you looking for an environmental-friendly filler for your plastic products? Calcium Carbonate will be your ideal choice. It is a sustainable alternative to the other synthetic options. To reduce the negative environmental impact, most plastic manufacturers use Calcium Carbonate as a filler to lower their need for nonrenewable resources.

Calcium Carbonate: The Impact on Processing and Moulding

It is crucial to understand how Calcium Carbonate impacts processing and moulding when used as a filler. This understanding makes using Calcium Carbonate to produce plastic products more accessible. Here are some of the effects on manufacturing and moulding:

  • Calcium Carbonate enhances the polymer matrix's melt viscosity, which helps modify the material's flow rate during manufacturing. Hence it has lower flow rates which might cause filling issues in the intricate moulds.
  • With Calcium Carbonate, it is possible for sink marks or abnormalities, which you can lower with the optimal mould design.
  • Most plastic manufacturers prefer Calcium Carbonate to guarantee consistency and evenly distribute throughout the polymer matrix.
  • Calcium Carbonate requires special care with equipment due to its abrasive nature. Ensure properly designed equipment with wear-resistant materials.
  • It is intolerant to wetness, requiring proper storage and handling procedures to prevent excessive moisture absorption.
  • The right amount of Calcium Carbonate is the key to enhancing the strength and durability of plastic products. Make sure you use the appropriate amount to make the most of Calcium Carbonate without sacrificing its superior qualities.
Widespread Applications of Calcium Carbonate in the Plastics Industry

Recently, Calcium carbonate has become one of the leading naturally occurring minerals used in the plastic industry as a filler. Due to its enhancement features and affordable pricing, it is the most renowned filler compared to other alternatives. Here are some of the typical applications of Calcium Carbonate in the plastics sector:

The automobile sector:

Calcium Carbonate is one of the vital filler components for the automobile parts like dashboard panels, console parts, and much more. In addition, manufacturing the bumpers and exterior trims use Calcium Carbonate based filler polymers to make them long-lasting in harsh conditions.

The packaging market:

Calcium Carbonate filled polymers are the ideal choice for containers for food and beverages. It is the most common application of these polymers since they are more stable and heat resistant. In addition, films and sheets made from plastics comprising Calcium carbonate are predominant in various packaging uses.

Construction sectors:

Calcium Carbonate based pipes and fittings are the popular choice in plumbing and drainage systems due to their enhanced strength and durability in the long run. Further, to maximise dimensional stability and heat resistance, Calcium Carbonate based polymers are used for panels, cladding, etc.

Household items:

Calcium Carbonate filled polymers find widespread application in manufacturing household items like refrigerator parts, washing machine components, and much more. In addition, it also finds use in personal care items due to its excellent properties.

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