We have worked as Manufacturers and suppliers of Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite Stone powder since 1989. We have served all major industries and have been manufacturing for the last ten years.

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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

Are you looking for high-quality Calcium Carbonate? Go nowhere else than Rajasthan Calcium!

Calcium Carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral used in various industries, including plastics, paper, paints, food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc. However, Calcium Carbonate is the most sustainable alternative to enhance the features of several products in numerous applications.

We at Rajasthan Calcium know that each business has its own needs. Hence, we provide various Calcium Carbonate products according to business needs. We rely on cutting-edge machinery and rigorous quality controls to craft each product of the highest possible grade.

Our years of experience empower us to offer superior products and services to our clients. We are dedicated to premium quality and have earned a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of Calcium Carbonate to broad-ranging businesses.

Our Featured Products

Finely Powdered Calcium Carbonate

We provide a highly refined form of Calcium Carbonate for several commercial uses. Industries, including rubber, paints, plastics, paper, etc., use Calcium Carbonate as a filler and coating agent. We guarantee outstanding performance and reliability with our wide selection of grades and particle sizes that meet your business needs.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

We offer unmatched purity and whitened precipitated Calcium Carbonate with a precisely monitored chemical process. It is an excellent option for industries like medicines, cosmetics, food, dental products, etc. We assure outstanding reliability and improve the overall performance of your outcomes due to their small particle size.

Calcium Carbonate with a Coating

Do you want to improve the product’s characteristics and make it more polymer-friendly? Coated Calcium Carbonate is your ideal choice. The coating in the Calcium Carbonate enhances dispersibility, elasticity, and adhesion qualities, which makes it a top pick for use in PVC, rubber, and much more. Further, the coating makes your finished items more resistant to environmental factors and ultraviolet light.

Calcium Carbonate Nano Particles

Ultra-fine granules with a large surface area set our Nano Calcium Carbonate apart, making it ideal for cutting-edge uses. As a polymer strengthening filler, Nano Calcium Carbonate has widespread applications, including paints, inks, etc. Our nanoparticle’s excellent durability, better structural properties, and uniform distribution led to better functionality and higher productivity.

Our Exclusive Aspects

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each customer has unique requirements according to their business. Hence, we at Rajasthan Calcium tailor our services to your needs, including particle size, surface treatment, etc. Our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge production methods guarantee our high-quality Calcium Carbonate will meet your expectations.

High-quality products

Outstanding quality is our primary concern. At Rajasthan Calcium, from choosing ingredients to final inspections, our production method adheres to rigorous quality checks. To ensure that the quality of our Calcium Carbonate is of the finest grade and up to par with global norms, our expert professionals take care of stringent quality tests. This dedication to excellence guarantees efficiency, dependability, and happy clients.


Rajasthan Calcium is committed to doing its part to protect the environment. We have integrated eco-friendly procedures into our production procedures to save resources, minimise waste, and maximise efficiency. We meet all environmental standards and work tirelessly for a better tomorrow.

Affordable solutions

Get high-quality Calcium Carbonate from Rajasthan Calcium at affordable prices. We know how significant it is to identify the best balance between low prices and high quality. That’s why we provide reasonably priced Calcium Carbonate with top-notch performance.

Are you in search of first-rate Calcium Carbonate? Look no further than Rajasthan Calcium. We offer premium quality products at affordable pricing that perfectly suits your business requirements. Experience enhanced efficiency and credibility with our Calcium Carbonate. Contact us today to figure out our extensive lineup of Calcium Carbonate that fits your unique needs regardless of your business.