We have worked as Manufacturers and suppliers of Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite Stone powder since 1989. We have served all major industries and have been manufacturing for the last ten years.

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Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder

Rajasthan Calcium- Your reliable source for premium quality Dolomite Powder!

Dolomite powder is a multipurpose mineral from Dolomite, a sedimentary rock predominantly consisting of Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate. With its unique features, Dolomite powder has widespread applications in the construction, agriculture, steel, glass, and chemical industries.

At Rajasthan Calcium, we know Dolomite powder is desirable in numerous industries. Hence, we offer a wide range of grades and particle sizes to meet the unique needs of each business. We take immense pride in being a market leader in Dolomite powder with the finest quality.

We are highly dedicated to offering high-quality products with our years of excellence to provide complete satisfaction for businesses with varying needs. Our contemporary manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology assure our Dolomite powder exceeds your expectations.

Our Featured products

White Dolomite Powder

Dolomite powder in its white form is of great value for its exceptional brilliance and utmost purity. White Dolomite powder has extensive applications in ceramics, paints, plastics, and paper industries. With our Dolomite powder experience, minimal oil absorption, high chemical stability, and uniform dispersion for your unique business needs.

Pink Dolomite Powder

Pink Dolomite powder has common uses for aesthetic purposes, including tiles manufacturing, countertops, and other decorative stones. Our premium Dolomite powder elevates the look and elegance more aesthetically pleasingly. Here at Rajasthan Calcium, we offer first-rate quality at affordable pricing according to the requirements of your business.

Our Exclusive Aspects

Premium Quality

Rajasthan Calcium emphasises superior quality by using stringent tests at every manufacturing phase. Our Dolomite powder undergoes extensive testing to ensure its purity, uniformity, and mechanical characteristics. With our team of skilled specialists dedicated to providing high-quality Dolomite powder, you can get assured that you are taking the appropriate decision with Rajasthan Calcium.

Broad-ranging Lineup

We have a wide variety of Dolomite powder to cater to various applications in the manufacturing sector. Dolomite powder in numerous grades and particle sizes is available to us. At Rajasthan Calcium, we offer the ideal Dolomite powder solution for your business, whether you are in steel, glass, agriculture, or any industry.

Customer Satisfaction:

We measure our success on the happiness of our clientele. We establish enduring bonds with our customers by delivering outstanding products and services. Our experts are accessible around the clock to answer your inquiries and provide helpful guidance and tailored answers. With Rajasthan Calcium, you can be sure that we meet all your needs, and you will have a pleasant experience every time.


We understand that sustainable methods are crucial in today’s growing environmental concerns. We at Rajasthan Calcium are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and advocate for sustainable mining and production methods. We adopt environmentally responsible practices and strictly comply with all applicable rules and regulations for safeguarding the environment.

Do you want to try the best Dolomite powder for your unique business needs? Call our expert team today to learn the numerous benefits of our products. Rajasthan Calcium helps you zero in on the excellent quality Dolomite powder at affordable pricing. Choose Rajasthan Calcium to experience the highest standards of quality and reliability.